Latest update - August 30, 2020

Please take a few minutes to read our plans for this Fall before filling out the Fall Survey. Thank you.

Recap of Sunday mornings during COVID-19

This morning I announced our intentions for this coming Fall. The past several months have been life changing due to COVID-19... our normal has changed... we all have taken incredible measures to keep our ourselves and families safe. This includes church. Church looks and feels different but we've adjusted because YOUR SAFETY & HEALTH MATTER TO US.

We have met in person for 2 months now and we feel like we've gotten a pretty good handle on Sunday morning services during COVID-19. We've successfully created a sanitary and touchless environment that allows social distancing. We have prescreened everyone at registration and before they enter the doors of the church. We have checked everyone's temperature as well. We have made sure everyone has worn a mask inside the building. We have ensured that all times of hangout and fellowship have been outside.

Honestly, it's been different but good! It's been good to worship together as a congregation. It's been encouraging to talk and connect with different people in our church. Although it's different - it's great to be back!

Currently, we can only hold 60-70 people in the auditorium with the capacity limits and social distancing measures given by the state. Each Wednesday when our registration opens for Sunday it sells out in less than 30 minutes. Many are placed on the "waiting list" and others choose to not attend to give others an opportunity to attend in person. First off, thank you for your understanding! I'm sure at times it can be frustrating wanting a seat for Sunday and not getting one. It's important to attend church weekly. And we have a solution to help be safe, compliant and opportunistic for consistent weekly Sunday services.

2 services starting in October

Starting on Sunday, October 4th, we will open up a second service (9:30AM & 11AM). All of the safety measures we've taken thus far will be implemented in both services. Covenant Christian Academy has allowed us to use their disinfectant fogger to clean between services. It's super quick, effective and does not leave the seats wet for those attending the 11AM service. Again, our goal is to provide a safe and compliant service each Sunday and we're super thankful for CCA allowing us to use this top of the line equipment!

Of course, adding another service means we will need more volunteers. We will not be adding all of our regular Sunday morning ministries so many of your departments will not be up and running at this time. If you are ready to begin volunteering again - please let us know through our Fall Survey.

Branch Twigs

Also starting on Sunday, October 4th, we will once again offer Branch Twigs (0-5) to one of the two services. The state now allows houses of worship to include child care under the EEC guidelines. Our Twigs leaders are finalizing the safety measures and all of the details that are compliant to the EEC guidelines. We'll relay this info when it is finalized. This is a stepping stone towards offering our full Branch Kids ministry (all ages) in the future.

Fall Life Groups

Included in the Fall Survey are questions concerning Fall Life Groups. Life Groups are where we do life together here at Branch Church! It's a time we meet in people's homes, go deeper in the Word, pray for one another and find encouragement as a church family.

We believe community is essential in the life of a believer and a necessary piece in belonging at Branch Church. We plan on having in-home and online LG's this Fall semester. In-home LG's will have a max of 8 people and safety measures will be practiced in each group.

Please let us know your comfort level and intentions through the Fall Survey.

Fall Survey

It's important that we have updated contact information. You filling out this survey will ensure that all the contact info we have on you is correct. Please have each adult in your family fill out the Fall Survey. This will help us make the necessary steps to minister to you, your family and our congregation.

You'll notice a couple questions asking about your spiritual health. We understand these can be personal but your spiritual health is extremely important to us! It's ok to not be ok but it's not ok to walk through it alone. Please answer honestly so we can minister to you effectively!

Please fill out the Fall Survey by Saturday, September 5th. Each person will be added in a drawing for this Sunday, September 6th and will have a chance to win a brand new NLT leather life application study bible with your name engraved on the front.

Serving Christ together,
Pastor Mason